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After Hours

Fending for your needs far beyond the conventional

When the workday winds down, our services rev up, ensuring your cloud products and services bask in the spotlight of round-the-clock support and maintenance. We’re the tireless guardians of your digital realm, the night owls of optimization, and the wizards who keep your cloud dreams running smoothly even after the sun sets. 

With “After Hours,” we stand by your side, offering hourly services tailored to maximize your cloud investment.

Workloads Management

Your cloud transition doesn't end with migration. Our After Hours support ensures that you receive expert assistance whenever you need it. From troubleshooting to optimizing, we're here to guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted cloud experience.

Training and Workshops

Knowledge is key. Enhance your team's proficiency with our on-demand training workshops. Covering the latest in cloud technologies, security practices, and optimization techniques, these workshops empower your staff to make the most of your cloud environment.

Work With Us

Become more productive with our services

flexible & affordable

Our Pricing Plans

The “After Hours” services are designed to cater to your needs beyond cloud migration. Enjoy our 24×7 encore, turning every hour into a star-studded performance in the constellation of cloud brilliance.

  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Performance monitoring
  • Resources management
  • Training and workshops

Post Migration Support

Essential for newly migrated organizations
  • Performance monitoring
  • Resources management
  • Security & compliance maintenance
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Training and Workshops

Perfect for businesses scaling up
  • Cloud technologies
  • Security practices
  • Optimization techniques
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