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Servers + Hosting

Focus on building
great websites, not on server complexities

We offer the full range of back-end services needed for you to start building your website. Our services DNS template configuration, Cloudflare CDN setup, Domain Propagation, Subdomain & business E-mail Setup, SSL Certification, WordPress/CMS installation, and pro plugins and themes installation for all our clients. In addition, we offer a range of cloud services from deploying apps to complete cloud transition of legacy systems.

Hosting & Server

£34.95Starting Price
  • Point Domain to Nameservers
  • Configure DNS Template
  • Install SSL Certificate
  • Add Cloudflare CDN
  • Create Subdomains
  • Full Database Backup & Restore
  • Website Migration
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Business E-mail

£44.95Starting Price
  • Create E-mail Accounts
  • Create Catch-all E-mail
  • Setup MX Records
  • E-mail Backup & Migration
  • Connect IMAP/SMTP 
  • Configure E-mail Clients
  • Setup SMTP Mail on WordPress
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Cloud Deployment

& Migration
£145Flat Rate
  • Deploy Cloud Instance
  • Install App on Cloud
  • Domain/Nameserver Update
  • DNS Template Configuration
  • Domain Propagation
  • Install cron jobs on server
  • Install SSL Certificate
  • Create Client login
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Digital Transformation

£158Flat Rate
  • Digital transformation consulting service
  • Software/server update
  • New systems implementation
  • Cloud transition
  • Add SSH key to cloud server
  • Process digitalization
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*Price shown reflects charges for standard 5 page website projects only.

how it works

The Process

Our hosting services focus on 4 main areas: security, optimization, backups, and operating system updates. Our hosting services aim to speed up your website and improve conversions.

We put a great deal of effort into server security as they hold a great deal of information regarding your business. If a server is compromised, all of its contents may become available for the cracker to steal or manipulate at will.

Optimization is an ongoing process that requires regular supervision. Once we take up project, our hosting experts take over this heavy-duty work for you. Beautiful, fast loading websites are only forged by such server optimization services. 

Backing up everything may seem a boring task, however, website backups can be a life saver. Website backups represent your safety net. They are the critical piece of security necessary if all other resources fail. Our backups make a complete copy of website files and your database on a daily basis  so that you, the website owner can restore their website to the state it was previously.

Regularly updating the software on a server is a crucial step in keeping it safe from hackers. Outdated software has already been explored for its weak points, leaving it open for hackers to take advantage of these and harm your system. If you keep everything up-to-date, you ensure that it is updated to protect itself in the first line of defense.